Latin name: Laportea canadensis

Common name: Canadian Woodnettle

Plant family: Urticaceae – Nettle

Date/Location of specimen: May through October all over the homestead –,%20Laportea%20and%20Urtica%20species

Description: Herbaceous native perennial plant with leaves “medium to dark green, ovate-cordate to oval-ovate in shape, and coarsely serrated … The lower to middle leaves are alternate, while the upper leaves are opposite.” Stems and leaves have stinging hairs. 1

Pest/Disease & Gardening Limitations: Stinging hairs on all parts. Skin irritation if handled. Symptoms include intense burning and itching or stinging lasting usually less than an hour. 2 Or, in my case, a severe rash will develop within 24 hours and itch, bubble up and scab for 1 – 2 weeks.

2 image,%20Laportea%20and%20Urtica%20species
3 image of hairs

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