prostrate spurge
prostrate spurge

Latin name: Euphorbia supine

Meaning: Spurge prostrate

Common name: Prostrate Spurge

Plant family: Euphorbia

Date/Location of specimen: August 2015 at Waste Management Landfill

Description: “Prostrate spurge is a low-growing summer annual weed … A very hardy plant, prostrate spurge can germinate and grow in pavement cracks, stone walls, dry and compacted soils, and disturbed sites. Like its name suggests, prostrate spurge forms a ground hugging mat, up to two feet in diameter, from stems originating from a central tap root. Stems and foliage exude a milky sap when injured. Leaves are pale green, small, opposite, and oval, with reddish brown spots along the mid-vein. This coloration acts almost like camouflage, making these weeds easy to miss until they get large.” 1

Pest/Disease & Gardening Limitations: “Prostrate spurge flowers are small but numerous. The plant flowers continuously from June through October, producing large numbers of seed to ensure its pesky presence in the future.” 1


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