My cousin’s West Virginia Creeping Charlie, flowering in April 2015

creeping charlie

Ohio Creeping Charlie flowering April 2015

creeping charlie

Latin name: Glechoma hederacea

Meaning: ‘Glechoma’ was derived from ‘glechon’, which is Greek for mint or thyme. ‘Hederaceae’ is Latin meaning ‘ivy-like’ 1

Common name: Creeping Charlie, Gill-over-the-ground, Ground Ivy

Plant family: Lamiaceae – Mint

Date/Location of specimen: April 2015 in my garden

Description: Perennial European introduction, edible/medicinal garden escapee that was used in making beer before the introduction of hops. “The root is perennial, throwing out long, trailing, unbranched square stems, which root at intervals and bear numerous, kidney-shaped leaves of a dark green tint, somewhat downy with manycelled hairs, and having regular, rounded indentations on the margins.

The leaves are stalked and opposite to one another, the undersides paler and dotted with glands.

The flowers are placed three or four together in the axils of the upper leaves, which often have a purplish tint and are two-lipped, of a bright purplish blue, with small white spots on the lower lip, or more rarely white or pink and open early in April. The plant continues in blossom through the greater part of the summer and autumn.” 2

Pest/Disease & Gardening Limitations: Very hard to get rid of, because it reseeds and any bit that remains on the ground can re-root. “Creeping Charlie is most susceptible to herbicides when it is flowering and when preparing to go dormant in the fall, right around the time the first frost. At this time, the plant will store the herbicide, making it even more effective. Then in the spring while the creeping Charlie is flowering, hit it again with herbicide.” 3


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