Catch Fly

Latin name: Silene armeria


Common name: Catchfly

Plant family: Caryophyllaceae

Date/Location of specimen:Blooms in June, but is in all my flowers beds and vegetable gardenfrom March until snowfall.

Description: Silene armeria is a Herbaceous perennial that is native to Europe, but has escaped gardens and naturalized over time in parts of eastern and central North America and the Pacific Northwest. It is typically grown in U. S. gardens as a cool weather annual or biennial. Plants rise to 12-16 tall on upright stems clad with oval to lanceolate gray-green leaves (to 3 long). Oblanceolate basal leaves typically wither by mid-summer. Rounded clusters (flat-topped cymes) of rose-pink to magenta-pink flowers (each to 1/2 across) bloom in late summer. Each flower has 5 shallowly notched petals. The stems of this species are sticky and may snare small insects, hence the common name of catchfly. 1

Pest/Disease & Gardening Limitations: Reseeds profusely. Bloom time is short and plants must be cut back to avoid brown appearance and reseeding. 2

2 My own experience

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