Late March – early April Bittercress rosette about to flower

Ohio March bittercress rosette

May Bittercress going to seed.

May bittercress going to seed

Latin name: Cardamine hirsute

Meaning: Cardamine is a genus; hirsute means hairy

Common name: Bittercress, hairy

Plant family: Brassicaceae or Cruciferae

Date/Location of specimen: April 3, 2015 in lawn and gardens

Description: basal rosette of pinnate leaves; 1-3 pairs of leaflets with
terminal, larger leaflet; tiny, 4-petaled white flowers in clusters at top of stems,
followed by slender, upright seed capsules

Pest/Disease & Gardening Limitations: seed capsules pop explosively, ensuring propagation in unwanted places. Weeds must be pulled in early spring as seed development begins in mid-April in Northeast Ohio


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