Bird's Foot Trefoil

Latin name: Lotus corniculatus L.


Common name: Birdsfoot Trefoil

Plant family: Fabaceae

Date/Location of specimen: In the field on my property

Description: Birdsfoot trefoil is a moderately long-lived herbaceous perennial legume. The stems are slender, branch well, and are moderately leafy. Leaves are smooth and consist of 5 leaflets. The bloom is made up of a cluster of bright yellow flowers arranged in a whorl at the end of the flowering stems. When ripe, the brown seed pods extend outward from the stalk and look like a bird’s foot. The plant remains green and succulent during and after seed ripening. 1

Pest/Disease & Gardening Limitations: None. Is often sown in fields like alfalfa. Mowing will kill it off, so it does not take over lawns.


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