Not Yet Dead: Meditations on Regeneration

Last night I started reading God is not Yet Dead by V. Gardavsky, a book I was introduced to within the pages of Run with the Horses by Eugene Peterson. Why is a book about a prophet, referencing a book written by an atheist, demanding my attention? It summarizes my 2017 experience, caught in the clash between two systems of thought and belief.

These books, and a bowl of shriveled beets on my kitchen counter, give me perspective.

shriveled beets regenerate life

In 2017, I suffered through the petty meme-induced, twitter-fed, mud brawl of culture that has become the dominant news-feed of American society, as did we all.  What is this landscape that we have created, where animosity and shaming the “other” have become mainstream on all fronts?

Why does my discovery of beet leaves in a bowl of decay give me hope? Because, like Gardavsky, I must look to an answer to the decayed civil landscape by ‘digging down to the roots.’ What looks ugly and wrinkled in a state of decomposition, like the uncivil state of Western Civilization, remains the source of life even so. Beet roots of latent, mold-covered energy are not yet dead; a mid-winter shimmer of burgundy and chartreuse life springs forth from it’s shriveled mass.

not yet dead beet

A resident pattern of regeneration testifies to Life. On this we can all agree.

How the pattern became resident has been the matter of debate since human-measured Time began. Was the pattern created or accidental? If created, then the hope of Life originates and remains in it’s created Source and all men are created equal, with blind-folded Justice consulting an absolute Morality outside ourselves, often called God. If accidental, then the hope of Life has evolved and our trust must be in the evolutionary system and Ourselves as its accidental, yet sagacious spawn. Justice is determined by ever evolving moral conduct as determined by genius-leaders at the top of the evolutionary matrix. These are the twin roots of our info-wars.

As an artist who mingles between these two camps in a cultural estuary of fresh water and salt, I must guard against becoming reactionary, and instead point to the pattern of regeneration found in each system. It is my job to help create a generative culture of green-leaved connection. This mandate I have gained by reading another book, Culture Care by Makuto Fujimora. More reflections on that later.

A resident pattern of regeneration testifies to Life. It is my job to help create this generative culture through my work.

“Eight Paintings” CMA show in final week

Lynda Rimke Solo Show
Only one week left to visit my show at the Canton Museum of Art lobby space for the Canton Artists League, as I am the Featured Artist for December. Admission to the lobby space is free, but I highly recommend also taking in the Dream Worlds show featuring some pretty awesome works from nationally-known science fiction and fantasy illustrators.

Museum hours from Tuesday December 27 through Saturday December 31 are
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 10:00am – 8:00pm (Free admission to Dream Worlds on Thursday!)
Friday & Saturday – 10:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday – 10:00am – 3:00pm

Message me on Facebook or email me at if you are planning a visit, and I will be glad to join you!

Lynda Rimke Solo Show

Lynda and friends visit the Canton Artist League corner at the Canton Museum of Art, where her paintings are featured for December

It’s a Holiday First Friday, and I’m “In”!

First Friday at CMA /Meet the Artist

It turns out there is LOTS of FREE things to do at the Canton Museum of Art tonight from 5-8pm: A Holiday “Make and Take” Workshop, a great show from the Creative Arts program at Hattie Larlham (always a joy to behold) and … me! I’ll be hanging out near the Canton Artists League wall to the left of the main gallery from 6:30-8 because I am the “Featured Artist” for December.

So come down and make something, check out the main show and then say “Hi” to yours truly and check out eight of my best paintings, all hanging like ornaments for Christmas. There’s also an awesome gift shop and cash bar to make spirits bright.

Peace and love,