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Culture Care part 2: Our Calling into the Starry Night

In his seminal book, Culture Care, visual artist Makoto Fujimura explains how Emily Dickenson and Vincent VanGogh “struggled to fit into the context of their churches” and cultures. “Their vision was creative and artistic, but it was also theological and intimately connected with what they considered to be true worship.” He adds, “I see in […]

Culture Care book review part 1: On Becoming Generative

“Our culture is broken and needs care to be restored to wholeness.” declares internationally renowned painter Makoto Fujimura. Culture Care is this artist’s deep and dense manifesto, written to provide “a necessary conceptual framework and the beginnings of practical responses to repair that rift.” Fujimura asks that we begin with the attitude of “a loving servant […]

New Year’s Resolution #1

In 2017 I have resolved to make daily art. This means drawing a 15 minute to 1 hour sketch, and painting twice a week or more. These are my only new resolutions for 2017. In the past, I have told myself to do these things but somehow the ball gets dropped. Maybe some blog accountability […]