Art has always taken on some form throughout Lynda’s life, from early award winning creations with poster paint in elementary school, through a degree in fine art at Kent State University, where her direct painting methods were instilled by Joseph O’Sickey.

During a twenty-year painting hiatus, Lynda pursued graphic design and painted with plants in her garden creations. She began seriously painting again and fell in love with watercolor in 2004, a love that has remained.

Lynda enjoys painting landscape “en plein air” (on location) capturing shifting light and atmosphere. In addition, Lynda has obtain Master Gardener Volunteer status with the Stark County OSU Extension, and is using her own photographs for her MGV portfolio

Lynda surmises “As the digital design world grows more and more complicated, I long for the simplicity of paper and canvas.”

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Curious about my vision? Read about my stereo blindness and Vision Therapy at “Wide Eyed Wonder: an Artist’s Musings on Three-dimensional Vision”